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Interior design of an apartment in a modern classic style: less color, more light

Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a modern classic style

Anyone looking for ideas and inspiration for transforming their own home will find it useful to take a look at the interior design of an apartment in a modern classic style, developed by the Spanish architect Axel Bach.

The apartments in question are located in Valencia and are characterized by refined simplicity, which is ensured by an abundance of natural wood and a laconic palette, but above all – light, lots of light.

Valencia’s landscapes are particularly beautiful. Traditional Mediterranean architecture, as a rule, does not take advantage of this advantage, as if trying to deny it.

Obviously, comfort comes first, and providing protection from the scorching sun that literally incinerates the city for months of the year becomes a priority.

However, technological progress has led to the creation of more advanced types of glass, which make it possible to supply residential interiors with large windows and at the same time guarantee the performance of a protective function.

Therefore, in the penthouse we are considering, serious structural changes were made. The architect did not hesitate to break the integrity of the ceiling by installing windows throughout the space, from the bedroom to the bathroom. One of these skylights runs along the main fa├žade, revealing a rather peculiar view.

The place of the current bedroom was previously occupied by a terrace. It was located slightly higher than the rest of the apartment, and the author of the project decided to take advantage of this circumstance to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. A bathtub installed in the floor and painted to match it also contributes to this task.

The walls in rooms with high humidity are tiled with tiles from Mutina with a “honeycomb” relief pattern. When the sun’s rays penetrate through the ceiling windows and fall on vertical surfaces covered with small hexagons, a bizarre play of shadows, the effect of raindrops, occurs.

Mirrors are installed in such a way that most of the room is reflected in them. They create a sense of spaciousness and an interesting perspective. Mirror-finish pivoting panels delicately demarcate bathroom and walk-in closet, producing countless highlights.

The bed looks like it is not standing on the floor, but is only attached to the wall by the headboard. The intricate curves of the ceiling continue into the lower part of the room, forming a curve that acts as a bedside table. Almost the only decor item here is the Cappello table lamp from Molodesign.

This modern kingdom of light is the embodiment of the new architecture of Valencia, allowing you to enjoy all the delights of the Mediterranean climate.